Tuesday, 26 April 2016

In wait of Change

Sometimes life takes unusual turns & everything you have, slithers out of your hand rapidly... is this the knock of change? A second before, you had everything & now, you are empty handed. You want to follow your dreams but find no way to follow them... you want to live life but you are just spending it somehow.... Life changes in a fraction of second.

You want to believe in the phrase that neither good nor bad time is here to stay but the change spans looooonnnngggg. days become weeks, weeks..months & months turn into years. But there is no change in the time that is marring you slowly..by and by. You leave no stone unturned to keep your wits about you, but, for how long.... & then one day you look back & observe that the change has occurred. You are not what you were five or may be six years back.

Yes, there is more confidence in your talks now, you have become smarter, more intelligent, more aware... but that self worth, your love for you and many other attributes that were the part of your persona are receding.  The shining eyes are still there but look closer & you'll find a hint of pain. That gleaming smile still appears frequently but it does not last long many occasions.

Change, Change, Change.... Change is the law of nature. It has to happen & it is here for letting the fittest live. & you try to be fit in the change, try to change with the change... Perhaps.. your efforts could help you to fight back, to secure yourself a compatible place in changing world. But ... so many buts in your story..... Even your words sound hollow to you...

This is the phase when you are ready to do whatever it takes to bring old time back,.. are geared up for investing your 100 % .., committed to put every effort to live the change... but change...it's just not happening.

You know sooner or later, it has to occur, You fear for just one thing.. what if you collapse before it comes...

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