Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Getting my 9 year old son enrolled in a new school is the biggest worry I have in mind while moving in my Home that is 20 kilometers away from the home we have been staying for past 8 years

Yes, that is true... Gone are the days when you are happy while moving into your own home as it brings stability to your life & peace in your mind. Things are different if you are a resident of Delhi/NCR. Here, moving into your own home does not give more happiness than it gives a reason to worry about. With my own base, I'll also have to Shift My son's base... His school. Any number of Parents who have gone through the trauma of finding a good education institute (esp in Delhi, NCR) for their young ones, can easily understand my woes.

I still remember those days, six years back when we were looking for a good school for our son. We went to all the schools in vicinity & filled forms. Finally he got admission in nursery in Bal Bhawan school (that was listed 2nd lowest in the schools list) . Once his admission was confirmed,  school staff -in a very sophisticated manner, started  punching a big hole in our pocket. They asked us to submit admission fees- that included registration fee, tuition fee, enrollment fee, annual charges & several other charges. They also asked us to pay 8 thousand rupees more, of which they did'nt give any receipt of ....; but we were happy & relaxed.., finally our admissionathon had finished.

And now we again have to take part in that maddening admissionathon. We are moving in a new house, so have to register our child in a new school. Bracing ourselves for the battle ahead... we'll be going school to school, filling costly admission forms (they cost from 1000 rs to 3500 rs). Mind it, this admission form fee is non refundable & doesn't guarantee your ward's admission in the same school. This, actually, is fee for applying for admission in the  school. But this fee & and money part actually are no big issues..., the most scary thing is the humiliation that school authorities cause to the parents while the admission process goes on.

Even if you have fed them with a big amount just to fill that registration form... you can't call them to ask if your child has been selected..., no matter what, you have no right to question their decision of choosing other children over your child... Come what may, you have to be there on interview call otherwise your application will become a subject to cancellation... & once, if by the grace of school authorities, your child gets a nod of them, you have to submit hefty sum of money within the stipulated time frame of 10 to 20 days (this fee figure is somewhere between 70,000 to 1.5 lacs & that is non refundable. in case you change your mind & don't want your child to enroll in the same school you'll have to bear the loss of that amount. Also, if you want to wait for selection list of another school, you can't).      
Same is gonna happen again... my condition can better be described as....
..  own home (wooooow), better home ( wooooow), shifting (just ok), packing shacking (can be done as we are moving to our own home).,  change of school for your child (.. noooooooo, be ready to take the pain... hours of searching for a good school ..., long queues in front of form windows... & oohh, aahhh, oouch...G...O....D)... why are we moving, we should better live in rented home here....

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