Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ek Ruka hua Faisla...

Ek ruka hua Faisla (A delayed verdict)... Saw this fabulous movie once again today. Whenever I see this movie it makes me introspect my own acts, counteracts & judgements.
Almost all the times it happens that our decisions & judgements are based on conceived notions. What we learn from our observations become our experiences, experiences become beliefs & beliefs definitely interfere with our pragmatism & neutrality to judge situations & people........

  Ek ruka hua Faisla ..... When I saw this movie.. many of my doubts cleared. One must watch this movie to understand complexities of thoughts, nature & one's responses towards something or someone.. & most importantly to understand the fundamentals of our judgement.
The movie gives a fantastic message that no one in this world is pure & in perfect neutral condition to judge a misdeed conducted by some x, y, z person.

The movie is a jurors' room drama. Their hesitations, beliefs & dilemma about convicting a slum lad - an accused of murdering his father, have beautifully been portrayed by the director.

Is the boy guilty or non guilty? ....the movie revolves around the debate. Twelve jurors are about to discuss whether or not the boy should be convicted. Each one of the jurors has his own view with which he sees the crime & the accused. Only one of the 12 jurors conceives the accused non guilty & says he actually is a victim of situation & biased perceptions.

He eventually discusses every little detail of the case & statements of the witnesses. One of the jurors wants to reach home soon so he can enjoy evening show of Dilip Kumar's Mashaal..., one hates slum dwellers & one particularly wants to hang the boy to satisfy his anger for his own son who doesn't take care of him (Pankaj Kapoor in a marvelous role). As jurors discuss the case & pull their doubts..., skeletons start falling from their own cupboards. The movie shows jurors as same ordinary persons we all are & like us they all have their beliefs & perceptions which affect their judgement.

I feel this movie is a social message. It clearly states that no person is perfect, unbiased, neutral & qualified enough to judge other person's acts. Every single being, no matter how intelligent or intellectual he may be, has his own biases & perceptions that greatly affect his power & wish of discriminating between right & wrong....