Saturday, 31 August 2013

Madras Cafe- A great, gripping, gruesome tale of war & conspiracy

Madras Cafe- a film that chronicles incidents leading to assassination of former PM..,  a film that unveils how our national security agencies like RAW act to combat national threats..., a film that reveals modus operandi of ferocious rebel outfits & peace keeping forces..., a film that reinforces a simple truth that the most vulnerable & helpless victims of any war are innocent people.., a movie that shows clashes of ambitions amongst rebel leaders very clearly..., a movie that is so fast paced and thrilling that it keeps you glued with your seat till the last frame appears... and an Indian movie that reminds you of a Hollywood war movie...

 Well, I saw Madras Cafe yesterday & found it very interesting and  thrilling watch with an honest intention & theme to dig truth as deep as possible.

The movie starts with Major Vikram's (played by John Abrahm) confession of his guilt over his failure of foiling assassination of former Indian PM whose killing was conspired by an unknown economic hitman & executed by LTF - rebellious Tamil tigers from Sri Lanka.

John Abraham shines as a covert RAW agent Vikram, who was sent to Jaffna to persuade rebel group LTF's chief Bhaskaran for surrendering arms & thus paving India's way for holding provincial elections there.
He meets Bala there, a RAW official who had been working there for long. He also meets other people & try to accomplish Herculean task assigned to him, but was back-stabbed by Bala who failed his attempts & got him kidnapped by LTF.  Wounded & broken, Vikram then decides to uncover the conspiracy behind the continuing civil war. While on his quest of truth, he meets a retired RAW officer (Dibang) in Singapore who gives him some crucial pieces of information. Jaya, a war journalist also helps him uncover truth which is terrifying & brutal. The plot ultimately leads to the assassination of an ex Indian PM.

As an ordinary viewer who is not an intellectual person, not a movie critic & not a historian, I find this movie great, gripping, gruesome & an eye opener. This movie is an honest & successful effort to enlighten an ordinary person about the consequences of war & power play.

One must watch 'Madras Cafe' to understand how government work & how some people take important decisions for masses without thinking about their future...  & how these irresponsible decisions change the fate of millions & force them to live in a life of refuge & fear for good.

The film gives an insight of how foul policies implemented by the government lead to formation of rebel they are formed & how do they deviate from their core philosophies. How the fate of an entire country & community is discussed & altered over a cup of coffee..,  How polity & bureaucracy work... How a handful of people's ambitions make them snatch others' right to live... and how innocent men, women & children are emotionally manipulated by their mentors for sacrificing their own lives for killing others and that too, with pride.

LTTE, which is LTF in Madras Cafe, first introduced suicide bombers & plastic explosives for assassinations which later became very popular & changed the face of global terrorism. They first inducted child soldiers in their rebel army & also started use of cyanide capsules. Their fighters used to wear cyanide capsules in their necks & whenever they were grabbed by the forces, they swallowed  those capsules to save themselves from interrogation & revealing anything about LTF's whereabouts.

I Liked John Abraham very much who effortlessly plays his part of both a wounded and betrayed soldier and a result oriented & fearless RAW agent-determined to unveil the truth. Nargis Fakri, as a war correspondent Jaya is natural. I like supporting cast as well but the best of all is the girl who played Dhanu, assassin of former PM. Her part is chilling, ruthless & she plays it effortlessly & with a smile.
I like this movie very much. In fact I saw a really good movie, after a really long time. If anyone wants to have a taste of chilling reality, go for Madras Cafe.