Thursday, 1 August 2013

Some best sellers I found the best ...

It is said that books are a person's great friends. One who reads books, is never alone. Being an avid book reader, I completely trust in the above statement. Books have taught me many things in life, they make us see a new world that exists beyond the boundaries of our own small universe. I have read around 60-70 books till date (most of them were best sellers) & many of them have helped me better understanding the world, people, their thinking process & the circumstances that led to changes.  Reading is a food to brain & I think one must keep reading whichever books he/she finds to feed his/her brain regularly. Here I am enlisting the books, that I liked the most & that gave me an insight about the world around.

The Kite Runner - A book by Khaled Hosseini. This book is beautiful portrayal of a servant's love, loyalty & sacrifice for his friend & master Amir, who happens to be his half brother. At one side the story depicts honest emotions of Hasan and at the other, it narrates hostility of Amir who pretended to be Hasan's friend but who never actually took & treated him as friend. Instead he tried every thing possible to put Hasan down. The story is set in Kabul. You also get to know traditions, culture & means of amusement in a peaceful Kabul & then a chaotic & insurgent Kabul under Taliban rule. Story's best part is Hasan & his unconditional love for Amir.

Alampanah- A Beautiful love story by Rafia Manzarul Amin. I loved reading this. Original book is in Urdu & I read its Hindi version. This is a sweet, cute love story of rich Azhar nawab & his home's care taker Ahemad Bi. 1990's Hit Doordarshan serial Farmaan was based on this novel.

Gone with the Wind - Gifted to me by a friend, this best seller novel by Margret Mitchell is a fabulous read. I read it after 10 years it was gifted to me. It's a love epic with 1400 pages. Though I found it boring in some chapters, but all the parts of this novel where Rhett Butler appears, are very interesting & make great reading. His love for Scarlelett O'Hara is unconditional, eternal, deep & one of its kind. He- a rude, rough, arrogant & filthy rich man...., she a beautiful, practical, mean, opportunist & poverty stricken damsel of southern  state of Georgia......, he- a loyal lover, she- a cheating wife..., he- a jilted groom, she- a facilitated bride..., He a man...amd she not at all a lady.... they both make a fantastic pair & great read. I loved this novel so much that I want to be reborn as Scarlett O'Hara.

The Alchemist- An inspiring & motivating story of a boy by Paulo
Coelho. This book is very inspiring. It teaches one to have faith in oneself & in god. It makes you believe in the fact that you are the only person in this world who can determine your destiny. Simply adorable book. A collector's item. A must read for all book connoisseurs.

Angels & Demons- A Dan Brown novel. I liked this book because it enlightened me about the Vatican city, Pope election, Roman Catholic church, their beliefs, Historical symbols, religious sects, brotherhoods, CERN... all the topics that were completely alien to me. After reading this book I also understood that their are good & bad religious leaders, traditions, fears & practices in all the religions & all the communities across the world. This novel also gives an insight about Christians & Christianity.

 Starry Nights- A rather Controversial book by a controversial model turned writer Shobha De. This is the story of a girl who aspires to be an actress. Crude & colloquial Mumbai English has been used in this novel which turns vulgar in most parts of the book. But I feel this novel truly depicts the hard & wayward work a non filmy background girl has to do to scale starry heights. Unveils some dark & dirty truths about Bollywood.

Midnight's Children- A Salman Rushdi Novel that chronicles important historical events of divided India's somewhat painful & untold past. Read it & you will know about some disturbing & dark truths about a free but divided dominion state- India. Some antique traditions like one of a perforated sheet & houses that were built with hidden underground rooms are interesting to know. This book tells some shocking truths about war with Pakistan, circumstances leading to emergency, formation of Bangladesh, Sanjay Gandhi's family planning drive & other important past events. This story of a Muslim child Salim Sinai & his life is a must read.